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Asian Folklore Studies 45 (1)

Only Half-Way to Godhead: The Chinese Geomancer as Alchemist and Cosmic Pivot
Seaman, Gary

An Asian Story of the Oedipus Type
Mair, Victor H.

Banishing of Illnesses into Effigies in Mongolia
Heissig, Walther

Retrospective Comprehension: Japanese Foretelling Songs
Nishimura Sey

The Malay-Tamil Cultural Contacts with Special Reference to the Festival of Mandi Safar
Singaravelu, S.

Verse Narratives from the Bazaar of the Storytellers
Heston, W. L.

Patron Saints and Pagan Ghosts: The Pairing of Opposites
Mitchell, Roger E.

Review of: Roger Caillois, The Mystery Novel
Mayer, David R.

Review of: Felicia G. Bock, Classical Learning and Taoist Practices in Early Japan
Kirkland, J. Russell

Review of: Yoshiko Kurata Dykstra, Miraculous Tales of the Lotus Sutra from Ancient Japan: The “Dainihonkoku hokekyōkenki” of Priest Chingen
Mulhern, Chieko

Review of: Fanny Hagin Mayer, Where Folk Tales are Treasured: Fifteen Tales from the Japanese of Mizusawa Kenichi
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Brian Moeran, Lost Innocence: Folk Craft Potters of Onta, Japan
Bestor, Theodore C.

Review of: Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney, Illness and Culture in Contemporary Japan
Topley, Marjorie

Review of: Robert J. Smith and Ella Lury Wiswell, The Women of Suye Mura
Tanaka Masako

Review of: Lee Duhyun 李杜鉉, Han’guk minsokhak non’go 『韓國民俗學論考』
Dawnhee Yim Janelli

Review of: Laurence G. Thompson, Chinese Religion in Western Languages: A Comprehensive and Classified Bibliography of Publications in English, French and German through 1980
Keenan, John P.

Review of: Anton Quack, Priesterinnen, Heilerinnen, Schamaninnen ?
Kaneko Erika

Review of: N. H. Van Straten,Concepts of Health, Disease and Vitality in Traditional Chinese Society
Namihira Emiko

Review of: Walther Heissig, Geser-Studien: Untersuchungen zu den Erzählstoffen in den"neuen " Kapiteln des mongolischen Geser-Zyklus
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Greg Bailey, The Mythology of Brahmā
Hudson, Dennis

Review of: Baru Candīdāsa, Singing the Glory of Lord Kriskna: The Śrīkrsnakīrtana
Stewart, Tony K.

Review of: A.W. Sadler, In Quest of the Historical Buddha and The White Cranes of Sri Ramakrishna
Wentz, Richard E.

Review of: John S. Strong, The Legend of King Aśoka
Richman, Paula S.

Review of: Ved Prakash Vatuk, Studies in Indian Folk Traditions
Flick, Jr., Hugh M.

Review of: Siegfried Lienhard, Songs of Nepal
Funke, Friedrich W.

Review of: Ulrich Marzolph, Typologie des persischen Volksmärchens
Márkus-Takeshita, Kinga Ilona

Review of: Norbert Ndong, Kamerunische Märchen
Ben-Amos, Dan

Foley, John Miles and Heda Jason