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Asian Folklore Studies 51 (1)

A Turkish yemek destani (food poem)
Macfie, A. L. and F. Macfie

A Tokyo Shrine Revisited
Sadler, A. W.

Waiting for a Thunderbolt
Hammond, Charles E.

From Folklore to Literate Theater: Unpacking Madame White Snake
Lai, Whalen

Death and Funerals among the Minhe Tu (Monguor)
Stuart, Kevin and Hu Jun

Indigenization of Rāmāyana in Cambodia
Pou, Saveros

Of Navels and Mountains: A Further Inquiry into the History of an Idea
Korom, Frank J.

Review of: Ernest Brandewie, When Giants Walked the Earth: The Life and Times of Wilhelm Schmidt SVD
Ōbayashi Taryō

Review of: Burt Feintuch, The Conservations of Culture: Folklorists and the Public Sector
Ōtsuki Takahiro

Review of: David D. Gilmore, Manhood in the Making: Cultural Concepts of Masculinity
Maeda Toshiko

Review of: Heda Jason, Whom Does God Favor: The Wicked or the Righteous? The Reward-and- Punishment Fairy Tale
Scherf, Walter

Review of: Wolfgang Mieder, International Proverb Scholarship: An Annotated Bibliography
Eugenio, Damiana L.

Review of: Fujiwara Yoichi, Chūgoku, Shikoku, Kinki, Kyūshū hōgen jōtai no hōgenchirigakuteki kenkyū 『中国四国近畿九州方言状態の方言地理学的研究』
Tokugawa Munemasa

Review of: Brian Moeran, Language and Popular Culture in Japan
Rohlich, Thomas H.

Review of: Herbert E. Plutschow, Chaos and Cosmos: Ritual in Early and Medieval Japanese Literature
Grapard, Allan G.

Review of: Ann Yonemura, Yokohama: Prints from Nineteenth-Century Japan
Suzuki Keiko

Review of: John S. Rohsenow, A Chinese-English Dictionary of Enigmatic Folk Similes (Xiehouyu)
Hung Chang-tai

Review of: Ann Waltner, Getting an Heir: Adoption and the Construction of Kinship in Late Imperial China
Wang Sung-Hsing

Review of: Gehan Wijeyewardene, Ethnic Groups across National Boundaries in Mainland Southeast Asia
Conrad Y.

Review of: Wajuppa Tossa, Phādāēng Nāng Ai: A Translation of a Thai-Isan Folk Epic in Verse
Diller, Anthony

Review of: Peter Metcalf, Where Are You/Spirits: Style and Theme in Berawan Prayer
Uchibori Motomitsu

Review of: Walther Heissig and Klaus Sagaster, Gedanke und Wirkung: Festschrift für Nikolaus Poppe zum 90. Geburtstag
Wallace, Vesna A.

Review of: Walther Heissig, Erzählstoffe rezenter mongolischer Heldendichtung
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Suzanne Hanchett, Coloured Rice: Symbolic Structure in Hindu Festivals
Chaudhuri, Dulal

Review of: Micha Joseph Bin Gorion, Mimekor Yisrael
Yassif, Eli

Review of: Aage A. Hansen-Löve, Der russische Symbolismus: System und Entfaltung der poetischen Motive
Rostinsky, Joseph N.