AE | Volumes | Asian Folklore Studies 39 (2)

Review of: A. L. Becker and Aram A. Yengoyan, The Imagination of Reality; Yusuf Ibish and Ileana Marculescu, Contemplation and Action in World Religions; K. B. Das and L. K. Mahapatra, Folk Lore of Orissa; Anwarul Karim, The Bauls of Bangladesh; K. M. Ashraful Aziz, Kinship in Bangladesh; Gernot Prunner, Meisterwerke Burmanischer Lackkunst; Jutta Bewig, Chinesische Papierschnitte; Gernot Prunner, Papiergötter aus China.

Heinze, Ruth-Inge


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