Please refer to the Style GuideIf you do not follow the instructions in this guide, it is possible that your submission will be rejected outright. Once manuscript preparation is complete, refer to the Asian Ethnology Style Checklist [coming soon]to ensure all the areas are complete for successful submission. 
 Book and film review authors should also refer to the Style Guide for details. 
 Submissions will not be considered for review until they have been rendered into Asian Ethnology style. Check the style guide carefully. 
 All submissions must be edited and checked by a native speaker of English. 
 Submit article manuscripts to the editors directly. 
  • Benjamin Dorman, Nanzan University (benjamindorman[at mark] 
  • Frank J. Korom, Boston University (korom[at mark] 
 In principle, the journal does not accept unsolicited book and film reviews. However, we may consider these in some cases. Contact the book and film reviews editor directly. 
  • Paul Capobianco, Hokkaido University (capiobianco[at mark]; capobianco.hokudai[at mark]