Asian Journeys is an interactive e-book based on transcripts taken from selected interviews conducted for Asian Ethnology Podcast between 2017 and 2021. Asian Ethnology Podcast, which involves in-person and online interviews, or more specifically, conversations, is an attempt to speak to and learn from scholars about their fieldwork or research anecdotes.

Direct transcripts of conversations do not necessarily translate the same way in print as oral conversations do. Therefore, these conversations have been edited to conform with grammatical conventions but also maintain the spirit of the speakers’ original intentions in the conversation. The materials that appear in the e-book are essentially versions of what was recorded at the time.

The interactive elements of this e-book are related to the Table of Contents. Click on the article title in the Table of Contents to go to the first page of the article. Click “Return to Table of Contents” at the bottom of the article’s first page to go back.