| article Review of: Tōichi Mabuchi, Toward the Reconstruction of Ryukyuan Cosmology; Josef Kreiner, Some Problems of Folk Religion in the Southwest Ilands (Ryūkyū); William A. Lessa, Chinese Body Divination; Leyte-Samar Studies; Lorenzo Ga. Cesar, The Santo Niño of Tacloban in History Legend and Devotion of the People; Maria G. Villegas Sister, Superstitious Beliefs and Practices in the Coastal Towns of Eastern Leyte; Nobuhiro Matsumoto, Religious Thoughts of the Bronze Age People of Indochina; Georges Condaminas, Some Mnong Gar Religious Concepts: A World of Forms; Tsuneo Ayabe, A Study of Soul Concept in Thailand and Japan.

Eder, Matthias

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