AE | Volumes | Asian Ethnology 76 (2)

Editors' Note

Benjamin Dorman and Frank J. Korom


We are pleased to present this latest issue of Asian Ethnology, the second since the journal returned to the Nanzan University Anthropological Institute. This completes volume 76 of the journal. From next year, Asian Ethnology will be published as a single-volume yearbook until further notice. In order to maintain production of the journal at a consistent level of quality, we felt it was necessary to reduce the number of issues and focus on developing the quality of the articles, reviews, and other aspects of the journal.

If you wish to purchase a print copy of the journal, it will be available through Amazon in various countries.

We also announce the launch of Asian Ethnology Podcast, which can be accessed via iTunes, the Podcast webpage or from the journal's webpage. This podcast features interviews with scholars who have contributed to, or published in Asian Ethnology or Asian Folklore Studies. It also introduces scholars and individuals whose work aligns with the topical categories of the journal. Please check out the podcast series, as this is a feature we wish to develop more extensively as we move forward.

As is normal with scholarly journals, people come and go. David White served the journal for a number of years as associate editor, but has now departed. We wish him well in his future endeavors. From this issue onward we welcome John Balch, a doctoral student of religion and science at Boston University. He will be serving as an editorial assistant. Paul J. Capobianco, a PhD candidate in anthropology at the University of Iowa, joins us as book and film reviews editor. Paul is currently a lecturer at Kyushu Sangyo University's Language Education and Research Center, while he is completing his dissertation on how demographic changes are affecting constructions of Japanese identity and the positionality of foreigners in Japan. He is fluent in Japanese and his research interests include East Asia, transnational migration, and intercultural communication. We also welcome our new associate editor, Harmony DenRonden, an independent scholar who also specializes as an academic editor. She has Sanskrit and Tibetan language skills and her research interests are primarily in Buddhist textual traditions, gender issues in Buddhism, and Madhyamaka philosophy.

We hope that you, our readers, will enjoy our newly structured journal online, and we look forward to your continued support and guidance. We are always open to new suggestions on how to improve the journal and how we operate. With the end of the year approaching rapidly, let us wish all of your our sincerest greetings for a prosperous new year

Benjamin Dorman

Nanzan University Anthropological Institute

Frank J. Korom

Boston University