Asian Ethnology 81 1&2 | article Basketry among Two Peoples of Northern Guangxi, China

Lijun Zhang, Jason Baird Jackson, C. Kurt Dewhurst, and Jon Kay

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Baskets crafts intangible cultural heritage China Dong Yao

In this article, the authors introduce the present-day basketry practices found among two minority nationalities populations living today on the northern borders of China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region: the Baiku Yao of Lihu Yao Ethnic Township in Nandan County and the Dong of Tongle Miao Ethnic Township in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County. The manufacture, marketing, and use of varied basketry forms is discussed for each of these groups, setting up a concluding comparison that situates these basketry practices in relation to more celebrated textile arts heralded within the People’s Republic of China’s extensive system of intangible cultural heritage promotion.