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Interview with David Faure and He Xi: Historical Anthropology in China

Interviewer: Thomas David DuBois

In this episode, we speak with China historians David Faure and He Xi of the Chinese University of Hong Kong about historical anthropology. Faure discusses the university's Historical Anthropology of Chinese Society AOE, and assesses what it accomplished in its eight-year run. He Xi explains how fieldwork shaped her perspective on China's boat communities and her recent book on lineages in Jiangxi.

Publications discussed in this episode

Lineage and Community in China, 1100-1500: Genealogical Innovation in Jiangxi., He Xi. 2020, Routledge.

The Fisher Folk of Late Imperial and Modern China: An Historical Anthropology of Boat-and-Shed Living., Xi He & David Faure eds. 2016. Routledge.

Music used with kind permission of guqin performer Yan Yiqiao.

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