Asian Ethnology Podcast

Transglobal Yoga

Interviewer: Ben Dorman, co-editor Asian Ethnology

Recorded 30 January 2018, Nagoya, Japan

This episode's guest is Patrick McCartney, who is working on a post-doctoral project at the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University, titled “Yoga Scapes: The Economics of Imagination and Utopian Aspirations of Transglobal Yoga in Japan.”

Episode Summary

  • Intro :31

  • Background on Patrick, his work and what it involves :37

  • Exploring Global Yoga or Yogaland 3:05

  • Comparing and Contrasting Yoga in Japan with Global Yoga 5:59

  • Yoga’s Influence Throughout the World 8:25

    • Why do People do Yoga 10:10

  • Defining Global Yoga 11:17

    • Yoga and Politics 13:15

  • What’s behind the names of Yoga Postures 15:12

  • Yoga in the Age of Social Media 17:11

    • Debate on Music Copyrights 18:52

    • Discussion on Yoga Facebook Groups 20:09

  • The Promise of Yoga 23:54

    • Yoga as a way of Life 26:19

    • Commercialization of Yoga 26:52

  • Researching Yoga in Japan 29:27

Link to webpage

Yogascapes in Japan website

Music used with kind permission of the performer, shamisen master Koji Yamaguchi.

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