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Asian Folklore Studies 56 (1)

A Turkish Animal Poem by Aşik Ömer
Macfie, A. L. and F. Macfie

Professional Storytelling in Modern China: A Case Study of the Yangzhou Pinghua Tradition
Børdahl, Vibeke

Text and Talk: Classical Literary Tales in Traditional China and the Context of Casual Oral Storytelling
Chan, Leo Tak-hung

Geomancy and the Environment in Premodern Taiwan
Tsu, Timothy Y.

An Annotated Chhara Punthi : Nursery Rhymes from Bengal
Sircar, Sanjay

The Polythetic Network of Tamil Folk Tales
Eichinger Ferro-Luzzi, Gabriella

On the Extinction of the Japanese Wolf
Knight, John

Review of: Ruth Finnegan, Oral Poetry: Its Nature, Significance and Social Context
Shahed, Syed Mohammad

Review of: Wolfgang Mieder and George B. Bryan, Proverbs in World Literature: A Bibliography
Mayer, David R.

Review of: Walter Scherf, Das Märchenlexikon
Naumann, Nelly

Review of: Bartlett Jere Whiting, When Evensong and Morrowsong Accord: Three Essays on the Proverb
Mayer, David R.

Review of: Stephen Addiss, Haiga: Takebe Sōchō and the Haiku-Painting Tradition
Van Bragt, Jan

Review of: Sano Kenji 佐野賢治, Taniguchi Mitsugi 谷口貢, Nakagome Mutsuko 中込睦子, and Furuie Shinpei 古家信平, Gendai minzokugaku nyūmon 『現代民俗学入門』
Metevelis, Peter

Review of: Vibeke Børdahl, The Oral Tradition of Yangzhou Storytelling
Bender, Mark

Review of: Chan Hok-Lam 陳學霖, Liu Po-wen yü No-chan Ch’eng 『劉伯温逕哪吨城』
Lai, Whalen

Review of: Paul R. Katz, Demon Hordes and Burning Boats: The Cult of Marshal Wen in Late Imperial Chekiang
Clart, Philip

Review of: Adolf Krayer, Als der Osten noch fern war: Reiseerinnerungen aus China und Japan (1860–1869)
Blümmel, Maria-Verena

Review of: Ingo Nentwig, Märchen der Völker Nordost-Chinas
Lindell, Kristina

Review of: Boris L’vovich Riftin, Zhongguo shenhua gushi lunji 『中國神話故事論集』
Lai, Whalen

Review of: Stephen F. Teiser, The Scripture of the Ten Kings and the Making of Purgatory in Medieval Chinese Buddhism
Boucher, Daniel

Review of: J. Lawrence Witzleben, “Silk and Bamboo” Music in Shanghai: The Jiangnan Sizhu Instrumental Ensemble Tradition
Groemer, Gerald

Review of: Wu Zongxi 呉宗錫 et al, Pingtan wenhua cidian 『評彈文化詞典』
Bender, Mark

Review of: Damiana Eugenio, Philippine Folk Literature: The Myths
Retherford, Robert

Review of: András Höfer, A Recitation of the Tamang Shaman in Nepal
Samuel, Geoffrey

Review of: Gregory G. Maskarinec, The Rulings of the Night: An Ethnography of Nepalese Shaman Oral Texts
Yamada Takako

Review of: Martha Bush Ashton-Sikora and Robert P. Sikora, Krishnattam
Claus, Peter J.

Review of: Heidrun Brückner, Lothar Lutze, and Aditya Malik, Flags of Fame: Studies in South Asian Folk Culture
Uchiyamada Yasushi

Review of: R. Srinivasan, Aiyanar’s Domain: Political and Social Conditions and Attitudes in Tamil Folk Literature
Bhatnagar, Manju

Review of: Joanna Williams, The Two-headed Deer: Illustrations of the Rāmāyana in Orissa
Flick, Jr., Hugh M.

Review of: Étienne Tiffou, Hunza Proverbs
Frembgen, Jürgen Wasim

Review of: Satu Apo, The Narrative World of Finnish Fairy Tales: Structure, Agency, and Evaluation in Southwest Finnish Folktales
Dow, James R.