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Asian Folklore Studies 56 (2)

Wessing, Robert

The Goddess Durg„ in the East-Javanese Period
Santiko, Hariani

Offerings to Durga and Pretiwi in Bali
Brinkgreve, Francine

Sandhang-pangan for the Goddess: Offerings to Sang Hyang Bathari Durga and Nyai Lara Kidul
Brakel, Clara

Tārā and Nyai Lara Kidul: Images of the Divine Feminine in Java
Jordaan, Roy E.

Kanjeng Ratu Kidul: The Second Divine Spouse of the Sultans of Ngayogyakarta
Resink, G. J.

A Princess from Sunda: Some Aspects of Nyai Roro Kidul
Wessing, Robert

Dewi Sri in Village Garb: Fertility, Myth, and Ritual in Northeast Java
Heringa, Rens

Beru Dayang: The Concept of Female Spirits and the Movement of Fertility in Karo Batak Culture
Van Der Goes, Beatriz

Review of: Kees Epskamp, On Printed Matter and Beyond: Media, Orality and Literacy
Thitathan-Nathalang, Siraporn

Review of: Irit Averbuch, The Gods Come Dancing: A Study of the Japanese Ritual Dance of Yamabushi Kagura
Nygren, Christina

Review of: Michiko Iwasaka and Barre Toelken, Ghosts and the Japanese: Cultural Experience in Japanese Death Legends
Komatsu Kazuhiko

Review of: Nelly Naumann, Die Mythen des alten Japan
Ōbayashi Taryō

Review of: Christal Whelan, The Beginning of Heaven and Earth: The Sacred Book of Japan’s Hidden Christians
Nosco, Peter

Review of: Choe Kil-Sung 崔吉城, Kankoku minzoku e no shōtai 『韓国民俗への招待』
Fukumoto Michiko

Review of: Laurel Kendall, Getting Married in Korea: Of Gender, Morality, and Modernity
Matsumoto Seiichi

Review of: Johann Frick, Zwischen Himmel und Erde. Riten und Brauchtum in Nordwestchina
Flitsch, Mareile

Review of: Claudio Zanier, Where the Roads Met: East and West in the Silk Production Processes (17th to 19th Century)
Daniels, Christian

Review of: Herminia Meñez, Explorations in Philippine Folklore
Retherford, Robert

Review of: Laurie J. Sears, Shadows of Empire: Colonial Discourse and Javanese Tales
Wessing, Robert

Review of: John Stratton Hawley and Donna Marie Wulff, Devī: Goddesses of India
Johnston, Sharilee M.

Review of: R. Parthasarathy, The Cilappatrikāram of Ilankō Atikal: An Epic of South India
Handoo, Jawaharlal

Review of: H. Sidky, Irrigation and State Formation in Hunza: The Anthropology of a Hydraulic Kingdom
Frembgen, Jürgen Wasim

Reviw of: Reply to Frembgen’s Review
Sidky, H.

Review of: David B. Edwards, Heroes of the Age: Moral Fault Lines on the Afghan Frontier
Korom, Frank J.