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Asian Folklore Studies 60 (2)

Perry, John R.

From Iranian Myth to Folk Narrative: The Legend of the Dragon-Slayer and the Spinning Maiden in the Persian Book of the Kings
Márkus-Takeshita, Kinga Ilona

Persian Popular Literature in the Qajar Period
Marzolph, Ulrich

The Gender of the Trick: Female Tricksters and Male Narrators
Mills, Margaret A.

Rostam’s Seven Trials and the Logic of Epic Narrative in the Shahnama
Omidsalar, Mahmoud

Traces of Ancient Iranian Culture in Boysun District, Uzbekistan
Rahmonī, Ravšan

The Persianization of Köroflu: Banditry and Royalty in ThreeVersions of the Köroflu Destan
Wilks, Judith M.

Healing Practices among Yezidi Sheikhs of Armenia
Arakelova, Victoria

Hunters’ Lore in Nuristan
Degener, Almuth

Review of: Wolfgang Mieder and Deborah Holmes, “Children and Proverbs Speak the Truth”: Teaching Proverbial Wisdom to Fourth Graders
Mayer, David R.

Review of: Beatrice K. Otto, Fools are Everywhere: The Court Jester Around the World
Mayer, David R.

Review of: William W. Fitzhugh and Chisato O. Dubreuil, Ainu: Spirit of a Northern People
Sjöberg, Katarina

Review of: Josef Kreiner, Sources of Ryūkyūan History and Culture in European Collections
Wacker, Monika

Review of: Jörg Bäcker, Mandschurische Göttinnen und iranische Teufel. Die Mandschu-Weltentstehungsmythen als Kultursynthesen
Heyne, F. Georg

Review of: Chao Gejin 朝戈金, Kochuan shishi xue: Ranpile “Jiangge’er” chengshi jufa yanjiu 『口傳史詩學: 冉皮勒馬 《講格爾》 程式句法研究』
Bender, Mark

Review of: Ronald G. Knapp, China’s Old Dwellings
Xu Ping

Review of: Élisabeth Papineau, Le jeu dans la Chine contemporaine: Mah-jong, jeu de go et autres loisirs
Kyburz, Josef A.

Review of: Meir Shahar, Crazy Ji: Chinese Religion and Popular Literature
Kardos, Michsel A.

Review of: Wu Yiwen 呉一文 and Tan Dongping 覃東平, Miaozu guge yu Miaozu lishi wenhua yanjiu 『苗族古歌與苗族歴史文化研究』
Bender, Mark

Review of: Jill Oakes and Rick Riewe, Spirit of Siberia: Traditional Life, Clothing, and Footwear
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Siraporn T. Nathalang, Thai Folklore: Insights into Thai Culture
Anderson, Wanni Wibulswasdi

Review of: Herman Tieken, Kāvya in South India: Old Tamil Cankam Poetry
Ferro-Luzzi, G. Eichinger

Review of: Jürgen Wasim Frembgen and Hans Werner Mohm, Lebensbaum und Kalaschnikow. Krieg und Frieden im Spiegel afghanischer Bildteppiche
Klimburg, Max