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Asian Folklore Studies 63 (2)

Hmong Instructions to the Dead: What the Mouth Organ Qeej Says (Part Two)
Falk, Catherine

Oral Competition Narratives of Muslim and Hindu Saints in the Deccan
Green, Nile

The Long-Tailed Rat
Gold, Ann Grodzins

Interpreting Untouchability: The Performance of Caste in Andhra Pradesh, South India
Charsley, Simon

Folklores of Sacred Khecheopalri Lake in the Sikkim Himalaya of India: A Plea for Conservation
Jain, Alka, H. Birkumar Singh, S. C. Rai, and E. Sharma

Btsisi’, Blandas, and Malays: Ethnicity and Identity in the Malay Peninsula Based on Btsisi’ Folklore and Ethnohistory
Nowak, Barbara S. and Singan knәn Muntil

Review of: Noriko Reider, Tales of the Supernatural in Early Modern Japan: Kaidan, Akinari, Ugetsu Monogatari
Marceau, Lawrence E.

Review of: James Huntley Grayson, Myths and Legends from Korea: An Annotated Compendium of Ancient and Modern Materials
Pettid, Michael J.

Review of: Mark Bender, Plum and Bamboo: China’s Suzhou Chantefable Tradition
Børdahl, Vibeke

Review of: Shanshan Du, “Chopsticks Only Work in Pairs”: Gender Unity and Gender Equality among the Lahu of Southwest China
Hayami Yōko

Review of: Liangyan Ge, Out of the Margins: The Rise of Chinese Vernacular Fiction
Naka Hiroshi

Review of: Rania Huntington, Alien Kinds: Foxes and Late Imperial Chinese Narrative
Giskin, Howard

Review of: Charles Le Blanc and Rémi Mathieu, Philosophes Taoïstes II: Huainan zi
Major, John S.

Review of: Patricia Matusky and Tan Sooi Ben, The Music of Malaysia: The Classical, Folk and Syncretic Traditions
Groemer, Gerald

Review of: Patricia V. Symonds, Calling in the Soul: Gender and Cycle of Life in a Hmong Village
Tapp, Nicholas

Review of: Molly Kaushal, Chanted Narratives: The Living ‘Katha-Vachana’ Tradition
Jason, Heda

Review of: Selva J. Raj and Corinne G. Dempsey, Popular Christianity in India: Riting Between the Lines
Green, Nile