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Asian Folklore Studies 64 (2)

Is it Clothes that Make the Man?: Cross-Dressing, Gender, Sex in Pre-Twentieth-Century Zhu Yingtai Lore
Altenburger, Roland

Shuten Dōji: “Drunken Demon”
Reider, Noriko T.

Religious Revival as Reaction to Hegemonization of Power in Siberia in the 1920s to 1940s
Leete, Art

Staging a Ritual Dance Out of its Context: The Role of an Individual Artist in Transforming the Alevi Semah
Öztürkmen, Arzu

The Historical Relationship between the Shawls of Gürün and Iran
İmer, Zahide

A Shaman’s Ritual Songs
Onon, Sqingaowa

Research on Buddhist Nuns in Japan, Past and Present
Wacker, Monika

Folktale Types of the Arab World
Jason, Heda

Review of: Günther Distelrath and Peter Kleinen, Fundamentalismus versus Wissenschaft? Zur Identität des Orients in östlichen und westlichen Diskursen
Wöhr, Ulrike

Review of: Wolfgang Mieder, The Netherlandish Proverbs: An International Symposium of the Pieter Brueg(h)els
Mayer, David R.

Review of: Susan L. Burns, Before the Nation: Kokugaku and the Imagining of Community in Early Modern Japan
Lokowandt, Ernst

Review of: Ronald P. Loftus, Telling Lives: Women’s Self-Writing in Modern Japan
Ward, Vanessa B.

Review of: Vibeke Børdahl, Fei Li, and Huang Ying, Four Masters of Chinese Storytelling: Full-Length Repertoires of Yangzhou Storytelling on Video 『揚州評評話四家藝人』
Lee, Peace

Review of: Fan Pen Li Chen, Visions for the Masses: Chinese Shadow Plays from Shaanxi and Shanxi
Matusky, Patricia

Review of: Howard Giskin and Bettye S. Walsh, An Introduction to Chinese Culture through the Family
Law Pui-lam

Review of: Stephen Jones, Plucking the Winds: Lives of Village Musicians in Old and New China
Hall, Hazel

Review of: Kohn Livia, Monastic Life in Medieval China: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
Seiwert, Hubert

Review of: Kristofer Schipper and Franciscus Verellen, The Taoist Canon: A Historical Companion to the Daozang
Kohn, Livia

Review of: Nguyen Van Huy and Laurel Kendall, Vietnam: Journeys of Body, Mind, and Spirit
Miyazawa Chihiro

Review of: Lauri Harvilahti, Zoja S. Kazagačeva, The Holy Mountain: Studies on Upper Altai Oral Poetry
Taube, Erika

Review of: Anthony R. Walker, Merit and the Millennium: Routine and Crisis in the Ritual Lives of the Lahu People
Vargyas, Gábor

Review of: William D. Wilder, Journeys of the Soul: Anthropological Studies of Death, Burial and Reburial Practices in Borneo
Uchibori Motomitsu

Review of: Hillary Peter Rodrigues, Ritual Worship of the Great Goddess: The Liturgy of the Durgā Pūjā with Interpretations
Korom, Frank J.