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Asian Ethnology 70 (1)


Dirt, Noise, and Naughtiness: Cinema and the Working Class During Korea’s Silent Film Era
Maliangkay, Roald

The Baltistan Movement and the Power of Pop Ghazals
Magnusson, Jan

“Hanayo no hime,” or “Blossom Princess”: A Late-Medieval Japanese Stepdaughter Story and Provincial Customs
Reider, Noriko T.

Imitating Enemies or Friends: Comparative Notes on Christianity in the Indigenous Russian Arctic during the Early Soviet Period
Leete, A., and Vallikivi, Laur


“Hanayo no hime,” or “Blossom Princess” (online only)
Reider, Noriko T.

Field Note

The Deity and the Mountain: Ritual Practice and Environment in Japan’s Hayachine Take Kagura
Nagasawa, Sōhei


Transnational Broken Hearts: An Overview of the Study of Chinese Popular Music
Groenewegen, Jeroen


Sadhana Naithani, The Story-Time of the British Empire: Colonial and Postcolonial Folkloristics
Korom, Frank J.


Laurel Kendall, ed., Consuming Korean Tradition in Early and Late Modernity: Commodification, Tourism, and Performance
Epstein, Stephen


Vibeke Børdahl and Margaret B. Wan, eds., The Interplay of the Oral and the Written in Chinese Popular Literature
Bender, Mark

Wilt L. Idema, Judge Bao and the Rule of Law: Eight Ballad Stories from the Period 1250-1450
McLaren, Anne E.


Hazel J. Wrigglesworth et al., Narrative Episodes from the Tulalang Epic
Coben, Herminia Menez


Guillaume Rozenberg, trans. Jessica Hackett, Renunciation and Power: The Quest for Sainthood in Contemporary Burma
Kawanami Hiroko

Reviews/Books/Southeast Asia

James C. Scott, The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia
Bain, Cristina

Michael Hitchcock, Victor T. King, and Michael Parnwell, eds., Heritage Tourism in Southeast Asia
Pretes, Michael

Håkan Lundström, I will Send my Song: Kammu Vocal Genres in the Singing of Kam Raw; and Håkan Lundström and Damrong Tayanin, Kammu Songs: The Songs of Kam Raw
Evrard, Olivier


Jayant Bhalchandra Babat and Ian Mabbett, eds., The Iconic Female: Goddesses of India, Nepal and Tibet
Smith, David

Reviews/Books/Central Asia

Barbara A. Brower and Barbara Rose Johnston, eds., Disappearing Peoples? Indigenous Groups and Ethnic Minorities in South and Central Asia
Remtilla, Aliaa