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Asian Ethnology 74 (2)


Guest Editor’s Introduction: Chinese Folklore Studies: Toward Disciplinary Maturity
Li, Jing

Chinese Folklore Since the Late 1970s: Achievements, Difficulties, and Challenges
An, Deming, and Yang Lihui

Village Production and the Self Identification of Village Communities: The Case of Fangshan District, Beijing
Liu, Tieliang

For Whom to Conserve Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Dislocated Agency of Folk Belief Practitioners and the Reproduction of Local Culture
Chen, Zhiqin

The Invisible and the Visible: Communicating with the Yin World
Peng, Mu

The Effectiveness and Limitations of “Context”: Reflections Based on Ethnographic Research of Myth Traditions
Yang, Lihui

Research Note

The “Kimono Wednesday” Protests: Identity Politics and How the Kimono Became More Than Japanese
Valk, Julie

Field Note

The Impact of Christianity on Traditional Agricultural Practices and Beliefs among the Kimaragang of Sabah: A Preliminary Study
Low, Kok On, and Jacqueline Pugh-Kitingan

Review Essay

Critical Reflections on Religion and Media in Contemporary Bali
Heimarck, Brita Renée


Maurizia Boscagli, Stuff Theory: Everyday Objects, Radical Materialism
Kendall, Laurel

E. J. Michael Witzel, The Origins of the World’s Mythologies
Lincoln, Bruce


Wilt L. Idema and Stephen H. West, The Generals of the Yang Family: Four Early Plays
McLaren, Anne E.


C. S. Adcock, The Limits of Tolerance: Indian Secularism and the Politics of Religious Freedom
Llewellyn, J. E.