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Asian Ethnology 75 (1)


Salvage and Salvation: Guest Editors’ Introduction
Fountain, Philip, and Levi McLaughlin

Puripetal Force in the Charitable Field
Benthall, Jonathan

Buddhist Disaster Relief: Monks, Networks, and the Politics of Religion
Samuels, Jeffrey

Sevā, Hindutva, and the Politics of Post-Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction in Rural Kutch
Bhattacharjee, Malini

Hard Lessons Learned: Tracking Changes in Media Presentations of Religion and Religious Aid Mobilization after the 1995 and 2011 Disasters in Japan
McLaughlin, Levi

Playful Relief: Folk Performing Arts in Japan after the 2011 Tsunami
Miichi, Ken

Mennonite Disaster Relief and the Interfaith Encounter in Aceh, Indonesia
Fountain, Philip

Religion and Reconstruction in the Wake of Disaster
Feener, R. Michael, and Patrick Daly

Research Note

Documenting Religious Responses to 3.11 on Film
Graf, Tim


Debbie Lum, Seeking Asian Female
Bishop, John Melville

Vikram Gandhi, Kūmāré: The True Story of a False Prophet
Lindquist, Steven E.

The Sophia Hilton Foundation of Canada, Animation, Artwork, and Storytelling, The Legend of Ponnivala
Monius, Anne E.


Mark Singleton and Ellen Goldberg, eds., Gurus of Modern Yoga
Hauser, Beatrix

Fuyubi Nakamura, Morgan Perkins, and Olivier Krischer, eds., Asia through Art and Anthropology: Cultural Translation Across Borders
Igarashi, Masumi

Alex Norman and Carole M. Cusack, eds., Religion, Pilgrimage, and Tourism
Korom, Frank J.

Robert M. Carmack, Anthropology and Global History: From Tribes to the Modern World-System
Shankman, Paul

Jonathan H. X. Lee and Kathleen Nadeau, eds., Asian American Identities and Practices: Folkloric Expressions in Everyday Life
Tangherlini, Timothy R.


Francesca R. Sborgi Lawson, The Narrative Arts of Tianjin: Between Music and Language
Meeker, Lauren

Wilt L. Idema, The Metamorphosis of Tianxian pei: Local Opera Under the Revolution (1949–1956)
Stock, Jonathan P. J.


Zoe C. Sherinian, Tamil Folk Music as Dalit Liberation Theology
Allen, Matthew

Antoinette Elizabeth DeNapoli, Real Sadhus Sing to God: Gender, Asceticism, and Vernacular Religion in Rajasthan
Kim, Hanna H.

Stephanie W. Jamison and Joel P. Brereton, eds. and trans., The Rigveda (3 volume set)
Smith, Frederick M.


Albertus Bagus Laksana, Muslim and Catholic Pilgrimage Practices: Explorations Through Java
Coté, Joost


Mark J. Hudson, Ann-elise Lewallen, and Mark K. Watson, eds., Beyond Ainu Studies: Changing Academic and Public Perspectives
Métraux, Daniel A.

Jonathan Stockdale, Imagining Exile in Heian Japan: Banishment in Law, Literature, and Cult
Métraux, Daniel A.

Reviews/Books/Sri Lanka

Daniel Bass, Everyday Ethnicity in Sri Lanka: Up-country Tamil Identity Politics
Jegathesan, Mythri


Peter Maguire and Mike Ritter, Thai Stick: Surfers, Scammers, and the Untold Story of the Marijuana Trade
Kravanja, Boštjan


Peter Schwieger, The Dalai Lama and the Emperor of China: A Political History of the Tibetan Institution of Reincarnation
McKay, A. C.