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Asian Ethnology 78 (2)

This volume contains...


Remediation and Innovation in Taiwanese Religious Sites: Lukang’s Glass Temple
D. J. Hatfield

Religion, Nature, and Life in the Sundarbans
Sufia M. Uddin

Resistance versus Rebellion in a South Indian Oral Epic: Two Modes of Opposition to an Expansionist, Self-Aggrandizing, Grain-Dependent State
Brenda E. F. Beck

Bragging of Edo: The Capital in the Eyes of a Provincial Doctor ("Edo jiman")
Gerald Groemer

Stretching into the Shadows: Unlikely Alliances, Strategic Syncretism, and De-Post-Colonizing Yogaland’s “Yogatopia(s)”
Patrick McCartney

Yamauba and Oni-Women: Devouring and Helping Yamauba are Two Sides of the Same Coin
Noriko Reider

Androgynous Pariahs: Gender Transformations and Politics of Culture in the North Indian Folk Theater "Svāṅg"
Karan Singh

Research Note

Living like Chameleons: A Bedia Folk Performing Troupe from West Bengal
Sumahan Bandyopadhyay

Review Essay

Racializing Diversity in Colonial Malaya and Indonesia
Nathan Porath and Malee Sitthikriengkrai


Urban Asias: Essays on Futurity Past and Present (Tim Bunnell and Daniel P. S. Goh)
Barbara Götsch


Negotiating Rural Land Ownership in Southwest China: State, Village, Family (Yi Wu)
Sally Sargeson


Perspectives on Work, Home, and Identity from Artisans in Telangana: Conversations around Craft (Chandan Bose)
Puja Sahney

Farm to Fingers: The Culture and Politics of Food in Contemporary India (Kiranmayi Bhushi)
Benjamin Siegel

Ganges: The Many Pasts of an Indian River (Sudipta Sen)
Calynn Dowler


Diaspora and Identity: Japanese Brazilians in Brazil and Japan (Mieko Nishida)
Hugo Martins Kebbe Silva

Migration, Whiteness, and Cosmopolitanism: Europeans in Japan (Miloš Debnár)
Paul Capobianco

Robo Sapiens Japanicus: Robots, Gender, Family and the Japanese Nation (Jennifer Robertson)
Daniel A. Métraux

Age of Shōjo: The Emergence, Evolution, and Power of Japanese Fiction (Hiromi Tsuchiya Dollase)
Daniel A. Métraux

The Ryukyu Kingdom: Cornerstone of East Asia (Mamoru Akamine, translated by Lina Terrell and Robert N. Huey)
Arne Røkkum

Reviews/Southeast Asia

The Traffic in Hierarchy: Masculinity and Its Others in Buddhist Burma (Ward Keeler)
Matthew Walton

Reviews/South Korea

Korea and the Western Drumset: Scattering Rhythms (Simon Barker)
Nathan Hesselink

Elusive Belonging: Marriage Immigrants and “Multiculturalism” in Rural South Korea (Minjeong Kim)
Paul Capobianco


Forging the Golden Urn: The Qing Empire and the Politics of Reincarnation in Tibet (Max Oidtmann)
Per Kværne