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Asian Ethnology 79 (2)

This volume contains...

Editors' Note
Benjamin Dorman and Frank J. Korom

“To Benefit Others Is to Benefit Yourself”: Patterns of Social Exchange and Care Provision in a Japanese Lay Buddhist Organization
Aura Di Febo

Phi Muangs: Khamti Forces of Place in Arunachal Pradesh
Nicolas Lainé

The Intertextuality of Sgrung and the Question of Social Authority
Valentina Punzi

Bollywood Is Bangladeshi!: Hindi Film and the Formation of a Middle-Class Audience
Harisur Rahman

Introduction to the Special Forum: Agrarian Change in Zomia: Social, Religious, and Cosmological Dimensions of Swidden Cultivation and Upland Livelihoods in the Consolidation of the “Modern” State
Deborah E. Tooker and Ian G. Baird

The Emergence of an Environmentally Conscious and Buddhism-Friendly Marginalized Hmong Religious Sect along the Laos-Thailand Border
Ian G. Baird

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Shifting State-Society Relations and Emerging Resource Frontiers in China’s Southwest Borderlands
Jianhua Wang (Nyawrbyeivq Aryoeq) and Micah F. Morton (corresponding author)

Who Owns the Hills?: Ownership, Inequality, and Communal Sharing in the Borderlands of India
Erik de Maaker

From Millet to Rice: The Politics of the New Faith and Time Discipline among Borderland Communities in Eastern Nagaland
Debojyoti Das


Kay Anderson, Ien Ang, Andrea Del Bono, Donald McNeill, and Alexandra Wong, Chinatown Unbound: Trans-Asian Urbanism in the Age of China
Ed Pulford

Thomas A. Borchert, Educating Monks: Minority Buddhism on China’s Southwest Border
Colin Mackerras

John Robert Shepherd, Footbinding as Fashion: Ethnicity, Labor, and Status in Traditional China
Colin Mackerras


Kate McDonald, Placing Empire: Travel and Social Imagination in Imperial Japan
Daniel A. Métraux


Salah Punathil, Interrogating Communalism: Violence, Citizenship and Minorities in South India
Dennis B. McGilvray

Sanjay Sircar, trans., Abanindranath Tagore, and Gaganendranath Tagore, Fantasy Fictions from the Bengal Renaissance: Abanindranath Tagore’s The Make-Believe Prince (Kheerer Putul); Gaganendranath Tagore’s Toddy-Cat the Bold (Bhondaṛ Bahadur)
David Gordon White

Reviews/Northeast Asia

Hyun Gwi Park, The Displacement of Borders among Russian Koreans in Northeast Asia
Daniel A. Métraux

Reviews/Southeast Asia

Jonathan Rigg, More Than Rural: Textures of Thailand’s Agrarian Transformation
Benjamin D. Huffman

Reviews/South Asia

R. Michael Feener and Anne M. Blackburn, eds., Buddhist and Islamic Orders in Southern Asia: Comparative Perspectives
Tyler A. Lehrer

Reviews/South Korea

Kyoim Yun, The Shaman’s Wages: Trading in Ritual on Cheju Island
Merose Hwang

Frédéric Keck, Avian Reservoirs: Virus Hunters and Birdwatchers in Chinese Sentinel Posts
John P. DiMoia


Jane E. Caple, Morality and Monastic Revival in Post-Mao Tibet
Dáša Pejchar Mortensen

Stéphane Gros, ed., Frontier Tibet: Patterns of Change in the Sino-Tibetan Borderlands
Per Kværne