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Asian Folklore Studies 42 (1)

Editor's Page
Knecht, Peter

Dholā: A North Indian Folk Genre
Wadley, Susan S.

Bhojalī: Song, Goddess, Friend a Chhattisgarhi Women's Oral Tradition
Flueckiger, Joyce Burkhalter

Śīt Basant: Oral Tale, Sāngīt, and Kissā
Pritchett, Frances W.

The Emerging Soloist: Kavvālī in Bhatgaon
Brenneis, Donald

Indian Folk Traditions and the Modern Theatre
Hansen, Kathryn

The Origin of the Ganapati Cult
Michael, S. M.

Outer Marks, Inner Grace: Flannery O'Connor's Tattooed Christ
Mayer, David R.

Review of: Inoura Yoshinobu and Kawatake Toshio, The Traditional Theater of Japan
Gillespie, John K

Review of: Emiko Ōnuki-Tierney, Illness and healing among the Sakhalin Ainu: A symbolic interpretation
Grim, John A.

Review of: Juliet Piggott, Japanese Mythology
Kelsey, W. Michael

Review of: Laurence A. Schneider, A Madman of Ch'u: The Chinese Myth of Loyalty and Dissent
Feifel, Eugen

Review of: Alvin P. Cohen, Tales of Vengeful Souls: A Sixth Century Collection of Chinese Avenging Ghost Stories
Kelsey, W. Michael

Review of: Kristofer Schipper, Le corps taoiste, corps physique-corps social
Knaul, Livia

Review of: Charles R. Bawden, Mongolische Epen X: Eight North Mongolian epic poems
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Hazel J. Wrigglesworth, An Anthology of Ilianen Manobo Folktales
Demetrio, Francisco R.

Review of: Morice Vanoverbergh, English-Kankanay Thesaurus
Reid, Lawrence A.

Review of: Francisco R. Demetrio, Myths and Symbols, Philippines
Kelsey, W. Michael

Review of: Wanni Wibulswasdi Anderson, Children's Play and Games in Rural Thailand: A Study in Enculturation and Socialization
Sōgawa Tsuneo

Review of: Jowa Imre Kis-Jovak, Autochthone Architektur auf Siberut
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Margaret Stutley, Ancient Indian Magic and Folklore: An Introduction
Flick, Jr., Hugh M.