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Asian Folklore Studies 43 (1)

From the Editor
Knecht, Peter

Kammu Totem Tales
Lindell, Kristina

The Kammu People in China and Their Social Customs
Li Daoyong

Kammu Song and its Structure
Lundström, Håkan

The Music of the Lisu of Northern Thailand
Larsen, Hans Peter

Customs and Rites Connected with Pregnancy and Childbirth in a Northeastern Thai Village
Poulsen, Anders

The Relationship Between Muslim Peasant Religion and Urban Religion in Songkhla
Burr, Angela

Kubu Conceptions of Reality
Sandbukt, Öyvind

A Hmong Shaman's Séance
Mottin, Jean

Genealogy and History: The Yu of Yi-mei and Chang-wan in Kwangtung's Xin-hui xian
Ma, L. Eve Armentrout

The Blend of Sanskrit Myth and Tamil Folklore in Thiru-murugātru-p-padai
Sri, Padmanabhan S.

Review of: Robert A. Georges and Stephen Stern, American and Canadian Immigrant and Ethnic Folklore
Mayer, David R.

Review of: Wilhelm E. Mühlmann, Die Metamorphose der Frau: Weiblicher Scharnanismus und Dichtung
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Venetia J. Newall, Folklore Studies in the Twentieth Century
Dolby-Stahl, Sandra

Review of: Klaus J. Antoni, Der weisse Hase von Inaba: Vom Mythos zum Miirchen
Kelsey, W. Michael

Review of: Nold Egenter, Göttersitze aus Schilf und Bambus
Blümmel, Maria-Verena

Review of: Albert G. Hess and Murayama Shigeyo, Everyday Law in Japanese Folk Art: Daily Life in Meiji Japan
Bestor, Theodore C.

Review of: Liu Senhower 劉文三, Taiwan shenxiang yishu 『台湾神像藝術』; Gary Seaman, Temple Organization in a Chinese Village
Suleski, Roland

Review of: Brenda E. F. Beck, The Three Twins: The Telling of a South Indian Folk Epic
Handoo, Jawaharlal

Review of: Jiwan Pani, Ravana Chhaya; S. S. S. Karyala Thakur, Folk Theatre of Himachal Pradesh
Helstien, Melvyn

Review of: Gene H. Roghair, The Epic of Palnādu: A Study and Translation of Palnāti Vīrula Katha, a Telugu Oral Tradition from Andhra Pradesh, India
Pritchett, Frances W.

Review of: Yona Sabar, The Folk Literature of the Kurdistani Jews: An Anthology
Golandski, Rachel S.

Review of: Tekla Dömötör, Hungarian Folk Beliefs
Knecht, Peter