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Asian Folklore Studies 43 (2)

Japanese Myths of Descent from Heaven and Their Korean Parallels
Ōbayashi Taryō

Religious Syncretism in the Shilla Period: The Relationship Between Esoteric Buddhism and Korean Primeval Religion
Grayson, James Huntley

The Concept of Ancestors and Ancestor Worship in Korea
Lee Kwang Kyu

Wives, Lesser Wives, and Ghosts: Supernatural Conflict in a Korean Village
Kendall, Laurel

Male and Female in Korean Folk Belief
Ch’oe Kil-Sŏng

Chaesu Kut: A Korean Shamanistic Performance
Grim, John A.

The Aesthetics of a Contemporary Chinese Shadow Theater
Swiderski, Richard M.

Shi¯Nyi Lon¯: Great Merit Days among the Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) of North Thailand
Walker, Anthony R.

Review of: Alan Dundes, Cinderella: A Folklore Casebook
Ury, Marian

Review of: Atelia Clarkson and Gilbert B. Cross, World Folktales
Kelsey, W. Michael

Review of: Milan Stanek, Geschichten der Kopfjäger: Mythos und Kultur der Iatmul auf Papua-Neuguinea
Z'graggen, John

Review of: W. Michael Kelsey, Konjaku Monogatari-shū
Tyler, Royall

Review of: William J. Rathbun, Yō no Bi: The Beauty of Japanese Folk Art
Moeran, Brian D.

Review of: Roger L. Janelli and Dawnhee Yim Janelli, Ancestor Worship and Korean Society
Prunner, Gernot

Review of: Kim T'aegon 金泰坤, Korean Shamanism, Illustrated『韓国巫俗図録』 Hanguk joasog dorok.
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Mellie Leandicho Lopez, A Study of Philippine Games
Viernes-Enriquez, Joy

Review of: Jean Mottin, 55 Chants d'amour Hmong Blanc
Hartman, John F.

Review of: Peter Metcalf, A Borneo Journey into Death: Berawan Eschatology from its Rituals
Uchibori Motomitsu

Review of: Albert Leemann and Werner Roll, Lombok: Bevölkerungsstrukturierung gemäss Religion und Adat
Kitamura Tadashi

Review of: Richard Emmert, Hasumoto Izumi, Katsushita Hitoshi and Okada Maki, Dance and Music in South Asian Drama: Chhau, Mahākālī Pyākhan and Yakshagāna
Claus, Peter J.

Mundkur, Balaji and Joseph Fontenrose