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Asian Folklore Studies 44 (1)

Analysis of Cinderella Motifs, Italian and Japanese
Mulhren, Chieko Irie

A Comparative Study of Three Chinese and North-American Indian Folktale Types
Ting Nai-tung

Shā¯ Laˆ Te Ve: The Building of a Merit Shelter Among the Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) of the Northern Thai Uplands
Walker, Anthony R.

Framed Narrative and the Dramatized Audience in a Tamil Buddhist Epic
Richman, Paula S.

The Other Woman in Indian Folklore
Bhatnagar, Manju

Review of: Francis A. De Caro, Women and Folklore: A Bibliographic Survey
Hardacre, Helen

Review of: Victor Turner and Yamaguchi Masao, Misemono no Jinruigaku 『見世物の人類学』
Gillespie, John K.

Review of: Fukuda Ajio 福田アジオ and Miyata Noboru 宮田登, Nihon Minzokugaku Gairon 『日本民俗学概論』
Metevelis, Peter

Review of: Alexandre Guillemoz, Les algues, les anciens, les dieux: La vie et la religion d'un village de petcheurs-agriculteurs coréens
Kendall, Laurel

Review of: Jan Walls and Yvonne Walls, Classical Chinese Myths
Kelsey, W. Michael

Review of: Leonardo N. Mercado, Research Methods in Philippine Context
Hart, Harriett

Review of: Revel-Macdonald Nicole, Kudaman: Une épopée palawan chantée par Usuj
Francisco, Juan R.

Review of: K. A. McElhanon, Legends from Papua New Guinea; K. A. McElhanon, From the Mouths of Ancestors
Z'graggen, John

Review of: Jacques Lemoine and Donald Gibson, Yao Ceremonial Paintings
Walker, Anthony R.

Review of: Kristina Lindell, Jan-Öjvind Swahn and Damrong Tayanin, Folk Tales from Kammu III: Pearls of Kammu Literature
Ting, Nai-tung

Review of: Tan Sooi Beng, Ko-tai: A new form of Chinese urban street theatre in Malaysia
Chu, Cordia

Review of: E. Alan Morinis, Pilgrimage in the Hindu Tradition: A Case Study of West Bengal
Thiel-Horstmann, Monika

Review of: Bonnie C. Wade, Performing Arts in India: Essays on Music, Dance and Drama
Brenneis, Donald

Review of: Ministry of Education and Culture, Our Cultural Fabric: Puppet Theater in India
Swiderski, Richard M.

Review of: Ivan Balassa and Gyula Ortutay, Ungarische Volkskunde
Knecht, Peter

Mundkur, Balaji and Uchibori Motomitsu