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Asian Folklore Studies 44 (2)

Philippine Folktales: An Introduction
Eugenio, Damiana L.

Mandegan: Introduced and translated
Wein, Clement

Gugud: A Bukidnon Oral Tradition
Unabia, Carmen Ching

The Concept of Time Among the Mangyans
Postma, Antoon

The Pukhtun Tapos: From Biography to Autobiography
Grima, Benedicte

The Episode of Maiyarāb in the Thai Rāmakīen and its Possible Relationship to Tamil Folklore
Singaravelu, S.

The Disabled in Popular Narrative
Levin, Isidor

Review of: Modern Language Association of America, 1983 MLA International Bibliography
Mayer, David R.

Review of: John Miles Foley,Oral-formulaic Theory and Research: An Introduction and Annotated Bibliography
Jason, Heda

Review of: Jacob Raz, Audience and Actors: A Study of Their Interaction in the Japanese Theatre
Yamamoto Akira Y.

Review of: Takie Sugiyama Lebra, Japanese Women: Constraint and Fulfillment
Neuss-Kaneko, Margret

Review of: Ward Geddes, Kara monogatari:Tales of China
Tyler, Royall

Review of: Helen Hardacre, Lay Buddhism in Contemporary Japan: Reiyūkai Kyōdan.
Johnston, Gilbert L.

Review of: Wolfram Eberhard, Lexikon chinesischer Symbole
Ōbayashi Taryō

Review of: Procédés secrets du Joyau Magique
Knaul, Livia

Review of: John A. Grim, The Shaman: Patterns of Siberian and Ojibway Healing
Hultkrantz, Åke

Review of: Damiana L. Eugenio, Philippine Folk Literature: An Anthology
Kelsey, W. Michael

Review of: Clement Wein, The Four Friends
Hart, Harriett

Review of: Stephen A. Wurm and Hattori Shirō, Language Atlas of the Pacific
Reid, Lawrence A.

Review of: Jeannine Koubi, Rambu solo', “la fumée descend”
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Haim Schwarzbaum, The Mishle Shu'alim (Fox Fables) of Rabbi Berechiah Ha-Nakdan
Johnson Thomas W.