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Asian Folklore Studies 46 (1)

From the Editor
Knecht, Peter

Miyako Theology: Shamans' Interpretation of Traditional Beliefs
Takiguchi Naoko

Cultural Tensions as Factors in the Structure of a Festival Parade
Ashkenazi, Michael

The Swan-Maiden Revisited: Religious Significance of "Divine-Wife" Folktales with Special Reference to Japan
Miller, Alan L.

Paniya Riddles
Kapp, Dieter B.

The Fairy Girl and the Shepherd: A Turkish Ballad
Macfie, A. L. and F. Macfie

Review of: Wolfgang Brückner and Klaus Beitl, Volkskunde als akademische Disziplin
Dow, James R.

Review of: Pack Carnes, Fable Scholarship
Ury, Marian

Review of: Martin S. Day, The Many Meanings of Myth
Naumann, Nelly

Review of: Edward Shils, Tradition
Jason, Heda

Review of: Archer Taylor, The Proverb and An Index to "The Proverb"
Mayer, David R.

Review of: Helen Hardacre, The Religion of Japan's Korean Minority: The Preservation of Ethnic Identity
Akaike Noriaki

Review of: James Huntley Grayson, Early Buddhism and Christianity in Korea
Nam Key-young

Review of: Laurel Kendall and Mark Peterson, Korean Women
Katayama Takahiro

Review of: Kubo Noritada 窪徳忠, Dōkyō no kamigami 『道教の神々』
Baldrian-Hussein, Farzeen

Review of: Shao Wen Liang 邵文良, Chūgoku kodai no spōtsu 『中国古代のスポーツ』
Sōgawa Tsuneo

Review of: Walther Heissig, Tsakhar-Märchen
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Linda Wai Ling Young, Shan Chrestomathy
Hartman, John F.

Review of: Tan Chee-Beng, The Development and Distribution of Dejiao Associations in Malaysia and Singapore
Kawasaki Yūzō

Review of: Christiane Franke-Benn, Die Wayangwelt: Namen und Gestalten im javanischen Schattenspiel; Friedrich Seltmann, Schattenspiel und Marionettenspiel in Savantvadi
Swiderski, Richard M.

Review of: Mahipal Bhuriya, Folk-Songs of the Bhils
Kapp, Dieter B.

Review of: J. L. Brockington, Righteous Rāma
Richman, Paula S.

Review of: Charles Capwell, The Music of the Bauls of Bengal
Karim, Anwarul

Review of: Franklin Edgerton, The Elephant-Lore of the Hindus
Michael, S. M.

Review of: Onkar Prasad, Santal Music
Tewari, Laxmi G.

Review of: P.Solomon Raj, A Christian Folk-Religion in India
Fuchs, Stephen

Review of: John LeRoy, Kewa Tales; John LeRoy, Fabricated World
Mitchell, Roger E.

Review of: Julia E. Miller, Modern Greek Folklore: An Annotated Bibliography
Georges, Robert A.

Sadler, A. W. and Peter Metevelis