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Asian Folklore Studies 46 (2)

Baithak: Exorcism in Peshawar (Pakistan)
Nasir, Mumtaz

Metaphor and Illness Classification in Traditional Thai Medicine
Bamber, Scott

Demons or Deities?–The Wangye of Taiwan
Katz, Paul

The Spirit-Captives of Japan's North Country: Nineteenth Century Narratives of the Kamikakushi
Sadler, A. W.

The Father, the Son and the Ghoulish Host: A Fairy Tale in Early Sanskrit?
DeVries, Larry

"Folk Literature Run by the Folk ": A New Development in the People's Republic of China
Ting Nai-tung

Tun-huang Popular Narratives
Kanaoka Shōkō

Review of: John Miles Foley, Oral Tradition
Araki Hiroyuki

Review of: Barbara A. Babcock, Guy Monthan, and Doris Monthan, The Pueblo Storyteller
Sullivan, Lawrence E.

Review of: James R. Dow and Rolf W. Brednich, Internationale Volkskundliche Bibliographie/International Folklore Bibliography/Bibliographie Internationale d'Ethnographie für die Jahre 1981 und 1982 mit Nachträgen für die vorausgehenden Jahre
Mayer, David R.

Review of: Vladimir Propp, Theory and History of Folklore
Honko, Lauri

Review of: Stephen Field, Tian Wen: A Chinese Book of Origin
Mori Masako

Review of: Christian Jochim, Chinese Religions
Le Blanc, Charles

Review of: Hubert Seiwert, Volksreligion und nationale Tradition in Taiwan: Studien zur regionalen Religionsgeschichte einer chinesischen Provinz
Seaman, Gary

Review of: Robert P. Weller, Unities and Diversities in Chinese Religion
Tan Chee-Beng

Review of: Anne-Victoire Charrin, Le petit monde du Grand Corbeau
Ogihara Shinko

Review of: Walther Heissig, Fragen der mongolischen Heldendichtung
Moses, Larry

Review of: Vicente Marasingan, A Banahaw Guru: Symbolic Deeds of Agapito Illustrisimo
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Brenda Johns and David Strecker, The Hmong World 1
Hartmann, John F.

Review of: Terry E. Miller, Traditional Music of the Lao: Kaen Playing and Mawlum Singing in Northeast Thailand
Larsen, Hans Peter

Review of: Roland Mischung, Religion und Wirklichkeitsvorstellungen in einem Karen-Dorf Nordwest-Thailands
Lindell, Kristina

Review of: Aroonrut Wichienkeeo and Gehan Wijeyewardene, The Laws of King Mangrai (Mangrayathammasart)
Kirsch, A. Thomas

Review of: Wolfgang Marschall, Der grosse Archipel: Schweizer ethnologische Forschungen in Indonesien
Seebass, Tilman

Review of: S. A. Niessen, Motifs of Life in Toba Batak Texts and Textiles
Kurata Isamu

Review of: William G. Archer, Songs for the Bride
Fuchs, Stephen

Review of: Brenda E. F. Beck, Peter J. Claus, Praphulladatta Goswami, and Jawaharlal Handoo, Folktales of India
Flick, Jr., Hugh M.

Review of: Friedrich Seltmann, Schattenspiel in Kerala
Swiderski, Richard M.

Review of: Soumen Sen, Folklore in North-East India
Das, S. R.

Review of: Jan Kappert, Islamic Legends, Histories of the Heroes, Saints and Prophets of Islam
Márkus-Takeshita, Kinga Ilona

Review of: Richard M. Swiderski, Voices: An Anthropologist's Dialogue With an Italian-American Festival
Mayer, David R.