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Asian Folklore Studies 49 (2)

A Turkish Lullaby
Macfie, A. L. and F. Macfie

Wedding, Etiquette, and Traditional Songs of the Minhe Region Tu
Ma Guangxing

New Material on East Mongolian Shamanism
Heissig, Walther

Sri and Sedana and Sita and Rama: Myths of Fertility and Generation
Wessing, Robert

An Alternative to the Sati Model: Perceptions of a Social Reality in Folklore
Chowdhry, Prem

Malang, Sufis, and Mystics: An Ethnographic and Historical Study of Shamanism in Afghanistan
Sidky, M. H.

Changing Patterns of Architecture and Symbolism among the Sa'dan Toraja (Indonesia)
Domenig, Gaudenz

Review of: Victor Raskin, Humor: International Journal of Humor Research
Handelman, Don

Review of: Garry Chick, Play and Culture.
Anderson, Wanni Wibulswasdi

Review of: Gillian Bennett, Paul S. Smith, and John D. A. Widdowson, Perspectives on Contemporary Legend 2; Gillian Bennett and Paul S. Smith, Monsters with Iron Teeth; Gillian Bennett and Paul S. Smith, The Questing Beast
Jason, Heda

Review of: Hilda Ellis Davidson, The Seer in Celtic and Other Traditions
Sadler, A. W.

Review of: Carl Lindahl, Earnest Games: Folkloric Patterns in the Canterbury Tales
Seland, John J.

Review of: Rosemary Lévy Zumwalt, American Folklore Scholarship: A Dialogue of Dissent
Clements, William M.

Review of: H. Byron Earhart, Gedatsu-kai and Religion in Contemporary Japan: Returning to the Center
Reader, Ian

Review of: Walter Edwards, Modern Japan through its Weddings
Neuss-Kaneko, Margret

Review of: François Macé, Kojiki shinwa no kōzō 『古事記神話の構造』
Rocher, Alain

Review of: Can Xue, Dialogues in Paradise
Bauer, Daniel J.

Review of: Hans Egli, Mirimiringan: Die Mythen und Märchen der Paiwan
Kaneko Erika

Review of: Gail Oman King, The Story of Hua Guan Suo
Lai, Whalen

Review of: Zhao Zongfu 趙宗福, Huaer tonglun 『花?通論』; Zhou Juangu 周娟姑 and Zhang Gengyou 張更有, Qinghai chuantong minjian gegu jingxuan 『青海伝統民間歌曲精選』
Feng, Lide and Kevin Stuart

Review of: I. M. Suslov, Karl H. Menges, Materialien zum Schamanismus der Ewenki-Tungusen an der mittleren und unteren Tunguska
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Antoon Postma, Annotated Mangyan Bibliography 1570-1988
Miyamoto Masaru

Review of: Friedrich Seltmann, Die Kalang: Eine Volksgruppe von Java und ihre Stamm-Mythe
Schweizer, Thomas

Review of: Walter O. Kaelber, Tapta-Marga: Asceticism and Initiation in Vedic India
Veliath, Cyril

Review of: June McDaniel, The Madness of the Saints: Ecstatic Religion in Bengal
Karim, Anwarul

Review of: Indira Viswanathan Peterson, Poems to Śiva: The Hymns of the Tamil Saints
Tsuchida, Christina

Review of: Traude Pillai-Vetschera, Indische Märchen: Der Prinz aus der Mangofrucht
Fuchs, Stephen

Review of: Arvind Sharma, Ajit Ray, Alaka Hejib, and Katherine K. Young, Sati: Historical and Phenomenological Essays
Chowdhry, Prem

Review of: Kamil V. Zvelebil, Two Tamil Folktales: The Story of King Matanakāma, The Story of the Peacock Rāvana
Peterson, Indira Viswanathan

Review of: Sherry B. Ortner, High Religion: A Cultural and Political History of Sherpa Buddhism
Kano Katsuhiko

Review of: George Van Driem, A Grammar of Limbu
Nishi Yoshiko

Review of: W. L. Heston and Mumtaz Nasir, The Bazaar of the Storytellers
Sidky, M. H.