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Asian Folklore Studies 50 (1)

Folklore, Politics, and Nationalism
Dow, James R.

Politics and Folktale in the Classical World
Ruebel, James S.

Tungus Literary Language
Shirokogoroff, S. M.

Concerning the Traditional Understanding of "Folk Culture" in the German Democratic Republic: A Scholarly-Historical Retrospective
Jacobeit, Wolfgang

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Umbrella Organizations of German Volkskunde during the Third Reich
Lixfeld, Hannjost

National Socialistic Folklore and Overcoming the Past in the Federal Republic of Germany
Dow, James R. and Hannjost Lixfeld

Momotarō (The Peach Boy) and the Spirit of Japan: Concerning the Function of a Fairy Tale in Japanese Nationalism of the Early Shōwa Age
Antoni, Klaus

Cultural Metaphors and Reasoning: Folklore Scholarship and Ideology in Contemporary China
Tuohy, Sue

Thoughts on Ebersole's Allegations
Metevelis, Peter

Review of: Christie Davies, Ethnic Humor around the World: A Comparative Analysis
Mayer, David R.

Review of: Glenys Davies, Polytheistic Systems
Swyngedouw, Jan

Review of: Alan Dundes, Folklore Matters
Aðalsteinsson, Jón Hnefill

Review of: Alan Dundes, Cinderella: A Casebook; Alan Dundes, Little Red Riding Hood: A Casebook
Mulhern, Chieko

Review of: James Jakób Liszka, The Semiotic of Myth: A Critical Study of the Symbol
Heisig, James W.

Review of: Marianne Rumpf, Rotkäppchen: Eine vergleichende Märchenuntersuchung
Scherf, Walter

Review of: Michael Jeremy and M. E. Robinson, Ceremony and Symbolism in the Japanese Home
Zgusta, Richard

Review of: Clark W. Sorensen, Over the Mountains are Mountains: Korean Peasant Households and Their Adaptation to Rapid Industrialization
Itō Abito

Review of: David Johnson, Ritual Opera, Operatic Ritual
Cedzich, Ursula-Angelika

Review of: Ronald C. Knapp, China's Vernacular Architecture: House Form and Culture
Zgusta, Richard

Review of: Alice M. Terada, Under the Starfruit Tree: Folktales from Vietnam
Hartmann, John F.

Review of: José Maceda, Drone and Melody: Musical Thought in Southeast Asia
Himeno, Midori D.

Review of: Martin Rössler, Die soziale Realität des Rituals
Gröpper, Doris

Review of: Roxana Waterson, The Living House: An Anthropology of Architecture in South-East Asia
Domenig, Gaudenz

Review of: Galen Rowell, My Tibet. By His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Stuart H. Blackburn, Peter J. Claus, Joyce B. Flueckiger, and Susan S. Wadley, Oral Epics in India
Richman, Paula S.

Review of: Stephen Fuchs, The Korkus of the Vindhya Hills
Kapp, Dieter B.

Review of: Alf Hiltebeitel, The Cult of Draupadī, 1. Mythologies: From Gingee to Kuruksetra
Podgorski, Frank R.

Review of: Kirin Narayan, Storytellers, Saints, and Scoundrels: Folk Narrative in Hindu Religious Teaching
Handelman, Don

Review of: Herman W. Tull, The Vedic Origins of Karma. Cosmos as Man in Ancient Indian Myth and Ritual
Hercus, L. A.

Review of: Haim Schwarzbaum and Eli Yassif, Jewish Folklore between East and West
Ben-Amos, Dan