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Asian Folklore Studies 50 (2)

Woman as Portrayed in Women's Folk Songs of North India
Srivastava, I.

Proverbs as Psychological Interpretations among Vietnamese
Nguyen Nguyen, Edward F. Foulks, and Kathleen Carlin

Near-Death Folklore in Medieval China and Japan: A Comparative Analysis
McClenon, James

Obituary: Fanny Hagin Mayer (1899-1990)
Immoos, Thomas

Review of: Kees P. Epskamp, Theatre in Search of Social Change: The Relative Significance of Different Theatrical Approaches
Tan Sooi-Beng

Review of: Himeno Midori 姫野翠, Geinō no jinruigaku 『芸能の人類学』
Gillespie, John K.

Review of: Wolfgang Mieder, Tradition and Innovation in Folk Literature
Araki Hiroyuki

Review of: Richard M. Swiderski, Lives between Cultures: A Study of Human Nature, Identity and Culture
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Leea Virtanen, "That Must Have Been ESP!" An Examination of Psychic Experiences
Zolla, Elémire

Review of: David Gordon White, Myths of the Dog-Man
Mair, Victor H.

Review of: Harald Haarmann, Symbolic Values of Foreign Language Use
Abe Keiko

Review of: Heinz Morioka and Miyoko Sasaki, Rakugo, the Popular Narrative Art of Japan
Yamamoto Fumiko and Akira Y. Yamamoto

Review of: Peter H. Lee, A Korean Storyteller's Miscellany
Wilson, Brian A.

Review of: Robert Joe Cutter, The Brush and the Spur: Chinese Culture and the Cockfight
Sōgawa Tsuneo

Review of: Catherine Despeux, La moelle du phénix rouge
Kohn, Livia

Review of: Ma Xueyi 馬学義 and Ma Chengjun 馬成俊, Salazu fengsuzhi 『撒拉族風俗誌』; Han Fude 轄福徳, Salazu minjian gushi 『撒拉族民間故事』; Han Fude 轄福徳, Minjian geyao 『民間歌謡』; Han Fude 轄福徳, Minjian yanyu 『民間諺語』
Feng, Lide and Kevin Stuart

Review of: Yukiko Bischof-Okubo, Übernatürliche Wesen im Glauben der Altvölker Taiwans
Höllmann, Thomas O.

Review of: The Vietnamese Institute of Archaeology and the Department for International Cooperation of the Social Science Committee of Viet Nam, Dong Son Drums in Viet Nam
Loofs-Wissowa, Helmut

Review of: Kristina Lindell, Jan-Öjvind Swahn, and Damrong Tayanin, Folk Tales from Kammu-IV: A Master-Teller's Tales
Olson, Grant A.

Review of: Georges Condominas, From Lawa to Mon, from Saa' to Thai
Lemoine, Jacques

Review of: R. L. Mellema, Wayang Puppets: Carving, Colouring, Symbolism
Keeler, Ward

Review of: V. N. Basilov, Drevnie obryady verovaniya i kul'ty narodov Sredneĭ Azii
Ogihara Shinko

Review of: Rudolf Kaschewsky and Pema Tsering, Die Eroberung der Burg von Sum-Pa
Walter, Michael

Review of: Chaitanya Deva, Musical Instruments in Sculpture in Karnataka
Himeno, Midori D.

Review of: Stefan Fuchs, Das Leben ist ein Tanz
Pillai-Vetschera, Traude

Review of: Ruth Cecily Katz, Arjuna in the Mahābhārata: Where Krishna Is, There Is Victory
Veliath, Cyril

Review of: Velcheru Narayana Rao, Śiva’s Warriors: The Basava Purāna of Pālkuriki Somanātha
Tsuchida, Christina