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Asian Folklore Studies 51 (2)

Women in Japanese Proverbs
Storm, Hiroko

Martyred Child of God
Metevelis, Peter

The Accommodation of Korean Folk Religion to the Religious Forms of Buddhism: An Example of Reverse Syncretism
Grayson, James H.

Folklore Concerning Tsong-kha-pa
Feng, Lide and Kevin Stuart

Karakunuz: An EarlySettlement of the Chinese Muslims in Russia
Rimsky-Korsakoff Dyer, S.

Thai Cremation Volumes: A Brief History of a Unique Genre of Literature
Olson, Grant A.

Scandalizing the Goddess at Kodungallur
Gentes, M. J.

Mongol Creation Stories: Mans, Mongol Tribes, the Natural World, and Mongol Deities
Nassen-Bayer and Kevin Stuart

Review of: Michael A. DeMarco, Journal of Asian Martial Arts
McFarlane, Steward

Review of: John Miles Foley, Immanent Art: From Structure to Meaning in Traditional Oral Epic
Zeyrek, Deniz

Review of: Morten Nøjgaard, Johan De Lylius, Iøren Piø, Bengt Holbek, The Telling of Stories: Approaches to a Traditional Craft
Jason, Heda

Review of: Diane Tong, Gypsy Folktales
Köhler-Zülch, Ines

Review of: Richard Zgusta, Dwelling Space in Eastern Asia
Domenig, Gaudenz

Review of: Margaret Helen Childs, Rethinking Sorrow: Revelatory Tales of Late Medieval Japan
Nishimura Sey

Review of: Konishi Jinichi, A History of Japanese Literature
Brewster, Jennifer

Review of: Ronald A. Morse, Yanagita Kunio and the Folklore Movement: The Search for Japan's National Character and Distinctiveness
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Nelly Naumann, Die einheimische Religion Japans
Schwade, Arcadio

Review of: Benito Ortolani, The Japanee Theatre: From Shamanistic Ritual to Contemporary Pluralism
Tsubaki, Andrew T.

Review of: Barbara Ruch, Mō hitotsu no chūseizō: Bikuni, otogizōshi, raise 『もう一つの中世像: 比丘尼・御伽草子・来世』
Kobayashi Kazushige

Review of: Anne Walthall, Peasant Uprisings in Japan: A Critical Anthology of Peasant Histories
Steele, M. William

Review of: Keith Howard, Bands, Songs, and Shamsnistic Rituals: Folk Music in Korean Society
Uemura Yukio

Review of: Fred Jeremy Seligson, Oriental Birth Dreams
Kendall, Laurel

Review of: Anne S. Goodrich, Peking Paper Gods: A Look at Home Worship
Vandestappen, Harrie A.

Review of: Nahal Tajadod, Mani le Bouddha de Lumière: Catéchisme manichéen chinois
Forte, Antonino

Review of: Taro Goh, Sumba Bibliography
Kurata Isamu

Review of: Klaus Sagaster and Helmut Eimer, Religion and Lay Symbolism in the Altaic World and Other Papers
Waida Manabu

Review of: Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger and Laurie J. Sears, Boundaries of the Text: Epic Performances in South and Southeast Asia
Richman, Paula S.

Review of: Farley P. Richmond, Darius L. Swann, and Philipp B. Zarilli, Indian Theatre: Traditions of Performance
Claus, Peter J.

Review of: Monika Thiel-Horstmann, Rāmāyana and Rāmāyanas
Pou, Saveros