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Asian Folklore Studies 54 (1)

The Stone Baby: A Turkish Lullaby (Nasih Güngör)
Macfie, A. L. and F. Macfie

Transfiguration: Man-made Objects as Demons in Japanese Scrolls
Lillehoj, Elizabeth

The Social Status of the Yakut Epic Hero
Trepavlov, Vadim V.

The Carpenter-Prēta: An Eighteenth-Century Sinhala-Buddhist Folktale about Jesus
Young, Richard Fox

The Tale of Itu: Structure of a Ritual Tale in Context
Sen, Suchismita

Indexing Folk Literature of South American Indians
Lindell, Kristina

Born-again Chinese Religion
Kumata Kazuo

Review of: Rustom Bharucha, Theatre and the World: Performance and the Politics of Culture
Gentes, Mary Jo Meg

Review of: Kees Epskamp, Learning by Performing Arts: From Indigenous to Endogenous Cultural Development; Ad Boeren and Kees Epskamp, The Empowerment of Culture: Development, communication. and Popular Media
Tan Sooi-Beng

Review of: Mihály Hoppál and Otto J. von Sadovszky, Shamanism: Past and Present
Sasaki Kōkan

Review of: Sitakant Mahapatra, Beyond the Word: The Multiple Gestures of Tradition
Ferreira, J. V.

Review of: Wolfgang Mieder and Stuart A. Kingsbury, A Dictionary of Wellerisms
Lenihan, John

Review of: C. W. Watson and Roy Ellen, Understanding Witchcraft and Sorcery in Southeast Asia
Wessing, Robert

Review of: Jane M. Bachnik and Charles J. Quinn Jr., Situated Meaning: Inside and Outside in Japanese Self, Society, and Language
Kuwayama Takami

Review of: Timothy Clark, Ukiyo-e Paintings in the British Museum
Lillehoj, Elizabeth

Review of: Ishimaru Shōun 石丸正運, Ōtsu-e: Kaidō ni umareta minga 『大津絵-街道に生まれた民画』
Vanderstappen, Harrie A.

Review of: Kayano Shigeru, Our Land Was a Forest: An Ainu Memoir
Sjöberg, Katarina

Review of: Yung-Hee Kim, Songs to Make the Dust Dance: The Ryōjin hishō of Twelfth-Century Japan
Nishimura Sey

Review of: Arthur H. 'I'hornhill Ш, Six Circles, One Dewdrop: The Religio-Aesthetic World of Komparu Zenchiku
Zobel, Günter

Review of: Susan C. Tyler, The Cult of Kasuga Seen through Its Art
Parker, Joseph D.

Review of: Ronald G. Knapp, Chinese Landscapes: The Village as Place
Kawasaki Yūzō

Review of: Anthony R. Walker, The Highland Heritage: Collected Essays on Upland North Thailand
Hayami Yōko

Review of: Mary Margaret Steedly, Hanging without a Rope: Narrative Experience in Colonial and Postcolonial Karoland
Saitō Chie

Review of: Silke Herrmann, Kesar-Versionen aus Ladakh
Samuel, Geoffrey

Review of: Margret H. Case, Heinrich Zimmer: Coming into His Own
Tsuchida, Christina

Review of: Kathryn Hansen, Grounds for Play: The Nautankī Theatre of North India
Claus, Peter J.

Review of: Friedrich Seltmann, Schattenspiel in Karnātaka, Süd-Indien
Fuchs, Stephen

Review of: Metin Yurtbaşi, A Dictionary of Turkish Proverbs
Mieder, Wolfgang

Review of: John Minton, "Big 'Fraid and Little "Fraid": An Afro-American Folktale
Scherf, Walter