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Asian Folklore Studies 54 (2)

Tradition Content and Narrative Structure in the Hindi Commercial Cinema
Booth, Gregory D.

The Last Tiger in East Java: Symbolic Continuity in Ecological Change
Wessing, Robert

Mountain Gods and Trance Mediums: A Qinghai Tibetan Summer Festival
Kevin Stuart, Banmadorji, and Huangchojia

Restoring the Epic of Hou Yi
Mori Masako

Yamato-takeru: An “Arthurian” Hero in Japanese Tradition
Littleton, C. Scott

The Woman Who Married a Horse: Five Ways of Looking at a Chinese Folktale
Miller, Alan L.

A Common Nomenclature for Traditional Rhymes
Shahed, Syed Mohammad

Review of: Alison Rentelen Dundes and Alan Dundes, Folk Law: Essays in the Theory and Practice of Lex Non Scripta
Chiba Masaji

Review of: Charles F. Keyes, Laurel Kendall, and Helen Hardacre, Asian Visions of Authority: Religion and the Modern States of East and Southeast Asia
Walker, Anthony R.

Review of: Luisa Passerini, Memory and Totalitarianism
Dow, James R.

Review of: Nicholas Thomas and Caroline Humphrey, Shamanism, History, and the State
Waida Manabu

Review of: Reiko Mochinaga Brandon and Barbara B. Stephan, The Japanese New Year: Spirit and Symbol
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Sawada Minoru, The Origin of Ethnography in Japan: Yanagita Kunio and His Times
Toelken, Barre

Review of: Kenneth Dean, Taoist Ritual and Popular Cults of Southeast China
Bokenkamp, Staphen A.

Review of: Monica Drexler, Daoistische Schriftmagie: Interpretationen zu den Schriftamuletten Fu im Daozang.
Kohn, Livia

Review of: Feng Jicai, The Three-Inch Golden Lotus: A Novel on Footbinding
Bauer, Daniel J.

Review of: Carolyn Han, Why Snails Have Shells: Minority and Han Folktales of China
Stuart, Kevin

Review of: Walther Heissig, Fragen der mongolischen Heldendichtung, Teil 5. Vorträge des 6: Epensymposiums des Sonderforschungsbereichs 12, Bonn 1988
Moses, Larry

Review of: Kevin Stuar, The Teller of Seventy Lies & Other Mongolian Folktales
Heissig, Walther

Review of: Yang Dao, Hmong at the Turning Point
Walker, Anthony R.

Review of: Sommai Premchit and Amphay Dore, The Lan Na Twelve-Month Traditions
Walker, Anthony R.

Review of: Niaz Zaman, Princess Kalabati and Other Tales
Fuchs, Stephen

Review of: Brenda E. F. Beck, Elder Brothers Story: An Oral Epic of Tamil
Heda Jason and David Schulman

Mary Carroll Smith, The Warrior Code of India's Sacred Song
Jason, Heda

Reviw of: Joanne Punzo Waghorne, The Raja's Magic Clothes: Re-Visioning Kingship and Divinity in England's India
Vasantkumar, N. J. C.

Review of: Ulrich Marzolph and Azar Amirhosseini-Nihammer, Die Erzählungen der Mašdi Galin Hānom / Qessehā-ye Mashdī Galīn Khānom; Ulrich Marzolph, Dāstānhā-ye-širin: Fünfzig persische Volksbüchlein aus der zweiten Hälfte des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts
Márkus-Takeshita, Kinga Ilona

Reviw of: P. Marcel Kurpershoek, Oral Poetry & Narratives from Central Arabia I: The Poetry of ad-Dindān, Bedouin Bard in Southern Najd
Caton, Steven C.