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Asian Folklore Studies 55 (1)

Tagore’s Lokashahitya: The Oral Tradition in Bengali Children’s Rhymes
Sen, Suchismita

The Festival of the Nine Emperor Gods in Malaysia: Myth, Ritual, and Symbol
Cheu Hock Tong

Legends by the Numbers: The Symbolism of Numbers in the Secret History of the Mongols
Moses, Larry

“Suan the Guesser”: A Filipino Doctor Know-All (AT 1641)
Retherford, Robert

Female Mountain Spirits in Korea: A Neglected Tradition
Grayson, James Huntley

The Folklore of Geckos: Ethnographic Data from South and West Asia
Frembgen, Jürgen Wasim

Review of: Ulrika Wolf- Knuts, Nordic Yearbook of Folklore 1993; Nordic Yearbook of Folklore 1994
Dégh, Linda

Review of: Malcolm Quinn, The Swastika: Constructing the Symbol
Mayer, David R.

Review of: Amino Yoshihiko 網野善彦, Chūsei o kangaeru: Shokunin to geinō 『中世を考える: 職人と芸能』
Kobayashi Kazushige

Review of: Scott Clark, Japan: A View from the Bath
Bauerle, Thomas

Review of: Horst Siegfried Hennemann, Chasho: Geist und Geschichte der Theorien japanischer Teekunst
Ehmcke, Franziska

Review of: Izumi Ken 和泉健, Onkai to Nihonjin: Wakayama-ken no warabe uta kenkyū 『音階と日本人―和歌山県のわらべうた研究』
Groemer, Gerald

Review of: Nelly Naumann, Die einheimische Religion Japans: Synkretistische Lehren und religiöse Entwicklungen von der Kamakura―bis zum Beginn der Edo-Zeit
Bragt, Jan Van

Review of: Jörg Bäcker, Märchen aus der Mandschurei
Lindell, Kristina

Review of: Terry F. Kleeman, A God's Own Tale: The Book of Transformations of Wenchang, the Divine Lord of Zitong
Wädow, Gerd

Review of: Liu Chih-Wan 劉枝萬, Taiwan no dōkyō to minkan shinkō 『台湾の道教と民間信仰』
Igarashi Masako

Review of: Nguyen Dinh Tham, Studies on Vietnamese Language and Literature: A Preliminary Bibliography
Marr, David G.

Review of: Damrong Tayanin, Being Kammu: My Village, My Life
Mischung, Roland

Review of: Clemens Wein, Berinareu: The Religious Epic of the Tirurais
Obata Sō

Review of: Alice M. Terada, The Magic Crocodile and Other Folktales from Indonesia
Wessing, Robert

Review of: Hans Fischer, Geister und Menschen: Mythen, Märchen und neue Geschichten
Gesch, Patrick F.

Review of: Walther Heissig, Oralität und Schriftlichkeit mongolischer Spielmannsdichtung
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Walther Heissig, Heldenmärchen versus Heldenepos? Strukturelle Fragen zur Entwicklung altaischer Heldenmärchen
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Amelie Schenk, Schamanen auf dem Dach der Welt: Trance, Heilung und Initiation in Kleintibet
Gaenszle, Martin

Review of: Ruth S. Freed and Stanley A. Freed, Ghosts: Life and Death in North India
Sugimoto Yoshio

Review of: Natalia Lidova, Drama and Ritual in Early Hinduism
Fitzgerald, Tim

Review of: Hasan El-Shamy, Folk Traditions of the Arab World: A Guide to Motif Classification
Jason, Heda

Review of: David Pinault, Story-Telling Techniques in the Arabian Nights
El-Shamy, Hasan

Review of: Daniel Martin Varisco, Medieval Agriculture and Islamic Science: The Almanac of a Yemeni Sultan
Hurreiz, Sayyid H.

Review of: Zhuang Kongshao, The Dragon Boat Festival
Hasegawa Kiyoshi