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Asian Folklore Studies 55 (2)

The Looks of Laozi
Kohn, Livia

Religious Belief in a Buddhist Merchant Community, Nepal
Lewis, Todd T.

The Thây: Masters in Huê, Vietnam
Bertrand, Didier

“Stone Camels and Clear Springs”: The Salar’s Samarkand Origins
Ma Jianzhong and Kevin Stuart

Type- and Motif-Indices 1980–1995: An Inventory
Uther, Hans-Jörg

An Anthology of Sources on Chinese Mythology
Lai, Whalen

Folklore under Political Pressure
Szippl, Richard F.

Obituary: Francisco Radaza Demetrio (1920–1996)
Madigan, Francis C.

Review of: Mihály Hoppál and Ádám Molnár, Shaman: An International Journal for Shamanistic Research
Ōbayashi Taryō

Review of: John Miles Foley, The Singer of Tales in Performance
Chan, Leo Tak-hung

Review of: Albert Bates Lord, The Singer Resumes the Tale
Zeyrek, Deniz

Review of: Gloria Gonick, Splendor of the Dragon: Costumes of the Ryukyu Kingdom
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Miyata Noboru 宮田登, Takada Mamoru 高田衛, Namazu-e: Shinsai to Nihon bunka 『鯰絵-震災と日本文化』
Suzuki Keiko

Review of: Marshall R. Pihl, The Korean Singer of Tales
Wilson, Brian A.

Review of: Boudewijn Walraven, Songs of the Shaman: The Ritual Chants of the Korean mudang
Kendall, Laurel

Review of: Livia Kohn, Laughing at the Tao: Debates among Buddhists and Taoists in Medieval China
Baldrian-Hussein, Farzeen

Review of: Lucien Miller, South of the Clouds: Tales from Yunnan
Lindell, Kristina

Review of: Isabelle Robinet, Introductionà l'alchimie intérieure taoïste: De I'unitiet de l’unité et de la multiplicité
Kohn, Livia

Review of: Shen Congwen, Imperfect Paradise: Twenty-four Stories
Mayer, David R.

Review of: John Robert Shepherd, Marriage and Mandatory Abortion among the 17th-century Siraya
Kasahara Masaharu

Review of: Zhu Liangwen, The Dai or the Tai and Their Architecture and Customs in South China
Walker, Anthony R.

Review of: Klaus Koppe, Mongolische Epen XII: Jula aldar Quyan und Uyan mönggun qadayasun
Avakiants, Galina

Review of: Esther Jacobson, The Deer Goddess of Ancient Siberia: A Study in the Ecology of Belief
Fujikawa Shigehiko

Review of: Patricia Moore-Howard, The Iu-Mien: Tradition and Change
Walker, Anthony R.

Review of: John Mundahl, Dave Moore, and Yee Chang, A Free People: Our Stories, Our Voices, Our Dreams
Walker, Anthony R.

Review of: Lorraine M. Gesick, In the Land of Lady White Blood: Southern Thailand and the Meaning of History
Moribe Hajime

Review of: Gloria Goodwin Raheja and Ann Grodzins Gold, Listen to the Heron's Words: Reimagining Gender and Kinship in North India
Mayer, Rachel

Review of: Erika Taube, Skazki i predanija altajskih tuvincev; Z. B. Samdan and A. V. Kudijarova, Tuvinskie narodnye skazki
Jason, Heda

Review of: Tazim R. Kassam, Songs of Wisdom and Circles of Dance: Hymns of the Satpanth Ismāīlī Muslim Saint, Pīr Shams
Márkus-Takeshita, Kinga Ilona

Review of: Liliana Daskalova Perkowski, Doroteja Dobreva, Jordanka Koceva, and Evgenija Miceva, Typenverzeichnis der bulgarischen Volksmärchen
Scherf, Walter

Review of: Bernard Juillerat, Œdipe chasseur: Une rnythologie du sujet en Nouvelle-Guinée
Kurita Hiroyuki

Review of: John A. Z’Graggen, Creation through Death or Deception
Mitchell, Roger E.