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Asian Ethnology 72 (1)

Editors’ Introduction
Korom, Frank J., and Benjamin Dorman


Baijie and the Bai: Gender and Ethnic Religion in Dali, Yunnan
Bryson, Megan

Confrontation and Compromise: Middle-Class Matchmaking in Twenty-First Century South India
Wilson, Nicole A.

Tsuchigumo sōshi: The Emergence of a Shape-Shifting Killer Female Spider
Reider, Noriko T.

Modernist Iconoclasm, Resilience, and Divine Power among the Mangghuer of the Northeast Tibetan Plateau
Roche, Gerald, and Wen Xiangcheng

Field Note

Musical Instruments used in Rituals of the Alak in Laos
Jähnichen, Gisa


Marta E. Hanson, Speaking of Epidemics in Chinese Medicine: Disease and the Geographical Imagination in Late Imperial China
Yang, Bin

Stephan Feuchtwang, The Anthropology of Religion, Charisma and Ghosts: Chinese Lessons for Adequate Theory
Menheere, Yves

Zhongguo minjian wenyi xiehui zhubian 中国民间文艺协会主编 (China Folk Arts Society, ed.), Yalu Wang: Han Miao duizhao 亚鲁王—汉苗对照 (King of Yalu: Han and Miao bilingual text) and Yalu Wang: Tuban bufen 亚鲁王—图版部分 (King of Yalu: Photograph section)
Bender, Mark


Matthew Rahaim, Musicking Bodies: Gesture and Voice in Hindustani Music
Beck, Guy L.

Karen Pechilis, Interpreting Devotion: The Poetry and Legacy of a Female Bhakti Saint of India
DeNapoli, Antoinette E.

Kelly Pemberton, Women Mystics and Sufi Shrines in India
Umashankar, Rachana Rao

Annette Wilke and Oliver Moebus, Sound and Communication: An Aesthetic Cultural History of Sanskrit Hinduism
Smith, Frederick M.


Steve Rabson, The Okinawan Diaspora in Japan: Crossing the Borders Within
Yano, Christine R.

Barbara R. Ambros, Bones of Contention: Animals and Religion in Contemporary Japan
Kondo, Shiaki


Sarinda Singh, Natural Potency and Political Power: Forests and State Authority in Contemporary Laos
Keola, Souknilanh


Xavier Romero-Frias, collector and trans., Folk Tales of the Maldives
Haring, Lee

Reviews/Books/Southeast Asia

Andrew N. Weintraub, ed., Islam and Popular Culture in Indonesia and Malaysia
Clark, Marshall


Clare E. Harris, The Museum on the Roof of the World: Art, Politics, and the Representation of Tibet
Klieger, P. Christiaan

Paul G. Hackett, Theos Bernard, The White Lama: Tibet, Yoga, and American Religious Life
Korom, Frank J.

Marietta Kind, The Bon Landscape of Dolpo: Pilgrimages, Monasteries, Biographies and the Emergence of Bon
McKay, A. C.