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Asian Folklore Studies 39 (2)

Obituary: Dr. Matthias Eder, S. V. D. (1902-1980).
Knecht, Peter

The Heavenly Rock-Grotto Myth and the Chinkon Ceremony.
Matsumae Takeshi

Some Features of the Domestic Cult Organisation in the Southern Ryukyus and Taiwan.
Newell, William H.

Chinese Folk Medicine: A Study of the Shan-hai Ching.
Schiffeler, John Wm.

On the Dramatic Fertility Rituals of Anatolian Turkey.
And, Metin

Shamanism as Reflected in the Folktale.
Yen, Alsace

The Marriage Ceremonies of the Malayalis of the Pachaimalais.
Roche, Paul

Telugu Folk Additions to Maha Bharatha.
Rao, T. V. Subba

Grassroots Renaissance: The Increasing Importance of Folk Media in Third World Nations.
Lent, John A.

Review of: A. L. Becker and Aram A. Yengoyan, The Imagination of Reality; Yusuf Ibish and Ileana Marculescu, Contemplation and Action in World Religions; K. B. Das and L. K. Mahapatra, Folk Lore of Orissa; Anwarul Karim, The Bauls of Bangladesh; K. M. Ashraful Aziz, Kinship in Bangladesh; Gernot Prunner, Meisterwerke Burmanischer Lackkunst; Jutta Bewig, Chinesische Papierschnitte; Gernot Prunner, Papiergötter aus China.
Heinze, Ruth-Inge

Review of: A. Dhamotharan, Tamil Dictionaries; Hans Frey, Der Indisch-Pakistanische Konflikt in den Jahren 1958-1968
Fuchs, Stephen

Review of: Jung Young Lee, Sokdam: Capsules of Eastern Wisdom
Pelerine, Marianne

Review of: Jos. Huppertz und Herm. Köster, Kleine China-Beiräge
Eder, Matthias

Review of: Joachim Deppert, Rudras Geburt
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Carl Hefner, Rites of Origin: A Taoist Celebration
Heinze, Ruth-Inge