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Asian Folklore Studies 42 (2)

The Myth of the Descent of the Heavenly Grandson.
Matsumae Takeshi

The Fate of Nagoya's Mechanical Festival Floats.
Tajima Mami

Tossing the Tiger: Performance in the Malay Wayang
Swiderski, Richard M.

Chinese Religion in Malaysia: A General View.
Tan Chee-Beng

Indian Numskull Tales: Form and Meaning.
Handoo, Lalita

Topics of New Guinea Legends.
Z'graggen, John

Review of: Dan Ben-Amos, Folklore in Context
Kelsey, W. Michael

Review of: Baladji Mundkur, The Cult of the Serpent
Fontenrose, Joseph

Review of: Mary Cummings, The Lives of the Buddha in the Art and Literature of Asia
Tyler, Susan C.

Review of: Yamada Ryūji 山田隆治 and Shiratori Yoshirō 白鳥芳郎, Dentō syūkyō to minkan shinkō 『伝統宗教と民間信仰』 (Major Religions and Folk Belief)
Akaike Noriaki

Review of: Gaudenz Domenig, Tektonik im primitiven Dachbau
Knecht, Peter

Review of: Joanne P. Algarin, Japanese Folk Literature: A Core Collection and Reference Guide
Mayer, Fanny Hagin

Review of: Taniguchi Yukio 谷口幸男 and Endō Norikatsu 遠藤紀勝, Kamen to Shukussai, Yōroppa no matsuri ni miru shi to saisei 『仮面と祝祭 ヨーロッパの祭にみる死と再生』
Immoos, Thomas

Review of: David Arkush, Fei Xiaotong and Sociology in Revolutionary China
Hsieh, Jiann

Review of: Kristina Lindell, The Kammu Year: Its Lore and Music
Schumacher, Rüdiger

Review of: Sao Sāimöng Mangrāi, The Pādaeng Chronicle and the Jengtung State Chronicle Translated
Tun, Than

Review of: Nigel Philipps, Sijobang: Sung Narrative Poetry of West Sumatra
Fox, James J.

Review of: Rex A. Casinander, Miner's Folk Songs of Sri Lanka
Thundy, Zacharias P.

Review of: Mohan Upreti, Malushahi: The Ballad of Kumaon
Brenneis, Donald

Review of: Stephen Fuchs, At the Bottom of Indian Society: The Harijan and Other Low Castes
Sugimoto Yoshio

Review of: G. Whitney Azoy, Buzkashi: Game and Power in Afghanistan
Konishi Masatoshi A.

Review of: Isidor Levin, Dzhalil Rabiev and Mirra Yavich, Kulliyoti Fol'klori Tojik/Svod Tadzhikskogo Fol'klora
Elwell-Sutton, L. P.